Troubled Waters

The party, now with a baby dragon in it’s charge, decides it’s time to leave the dungeon of water and try to get some answers about the mystical beast they’ve found. They make their way back through the winding tunnels and corridors of the cave system and find themselves in the room that once held the small society of fish-men, only to find it mysteriously deserted. Some propose that they fled the cave when they sensed the source of the magic was leaving it. Upon exiting the cave and looking out from the high vantage point the mountain offered, the group was shocked by what they saw. The sea seemed to be alive with roiling, violent, waves covering the surface of the water, like millions of hands waiting to pull lost sailors under. Off in the far distance they saw a great kraken, a beast of unbelievable immensity, break an island and offer it to the sea, which gladly swallowed it whole. Fearing for their crew, they headed down the mountain to the beach where they had docked. Losing daylight and stamina, about half way through their trek, the group decided to sleep and continue in the morning. Robert, waking early, decided to climb a tree to get a sure direction for the rest of their hike, only to find grave danger waiting near the beach. He saw a giant, eighteen feet tall, wading in the shallow waters near the coast, holding a grown man in his hand. There appeared to be a shipwreck and men were scattered about, including two who were heading below deck on the groups own ship. They ran full speed down to the beach to see the giant pluck the legs off the man, as if he were a toy. Jariff and Decain rushed on to the beach first, with Decain hiding behind a rock and Jariff standing on top to draw attention. The giant threw the lifeless body of the man toward them, were it crashed into the sand. Shae made her way to the rock to join Decain as Aranox ran toward the boat, trying to draw the giants attention as he went. Jariff had the same thought process and chucked a stone at the giant and ran. The next thing the party knew, a boulder was flying through the air and crashed into Jariff, leaving him unconscious and dying. Robert and Decain steadily fired arrows and spells at their massive opponent, though his skin seemed too thick to notice, and Gundar laid a blessing on his companions, to aid in the battle. Shae ran to pull Jariff out of harms way, back into the trees, where Gundar could stabilize and heal some of his wounds. With Jariff taken care of, the giant set his attention on Aranox and walked onto the beach. He delivered a devastating blow with his great club, but Aranox stood strong. Seizing a moment of opening, Decain ran and shocked the giant with an electric touch. Shaken from his shock, the giant was slowed and the party took their opportunity. Robert fired arrows into the giant from the tree line, Shae ran to the boat while slicing the calf of the colossal man, and Aranox threw a hand axe which lodged itself in the huge eye of the foe. Jariff made his way down to the enemy and dealt a massive kick while Aranox threw another projectile to fully blind him. Jariff attempted a last flying kick on the giant but a misstep caused him to crash into the back of the foe, casing him to turn around just long enough for Robert to send an arrow through his throat. He tipped and fell like a great tree, as Jariff dove out of danger and into the water of the sea. The beast was dead, but the group had no time to celebrate and went to investigate the strange men below deck on their ship, save for Gundar who went to help the stranded men on the nearby island. Below deck, they found their crew huddled in a corner around a few bodies while two men beat on Baalgruf. Decain, Jariff, and Shae rushed forward while Robert sent a warning shot to the men and aranox went above deck to look after the small dragon. A fight ensued with the men, and Jariff, not knowing his own strength, left one dead and another unconscious. This was not before Decain peered into their minds to see that they meant to return Baalgruf to Westcrown for a reward. They tied up the surviving intruder and the two men on the island, who were found to be friends of the intruders, in order to interrogate them. Decain saw visions of the intruder killing their crew members for attempting to protect Baalgruf and, after much debate, he was killed. The other two were taken down to row off their guilt in the eyes of the party, bringing on more debate. They were given their choice, row or swim. One man chose to swim and was swallowed by the sea the moment he hit the surface, the other chose to row. They meant to sail to the Arch of Aroden to speak with Gaia and her clan, but changed course after seeing their magical compass point north. They sailed for a week over the choppy waters of the Inner Sea toward The Gemcrown Bay, only to find it littered with shipwrecks from the, now violently fast, river that fed it. Gundar called for a prophecy that told him the trip up the river would bring both weal and woe. And so, against the odds, they decided to sail upriver to Egorian, the capitol of Cheliax, to look for answers about the dragon. The river eventually became too much and pushed them ashore, still days walk from the city. The heroes and their crew pulled the boat from the banks and saved their journey, seeing the lights of the city growing on the river banks just as their food supplies ran out.


geoff_diederich geoff_diederich

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