The Temple of the Rising Tide III

The party awoke in the fountain room and faced another decision whether or not to drink. Gundar took a sip of the water and felt himself growing heavier by the second. The party tried to figure out why some of them had positive experiences and some had negative experiences and came up with the answer that they must offer something they value to the fountain before drinking. They hoped that if everyone sacrificed something valuable, the fountain might open a passage to the artifact. They talked Jariff into putting his symbol of Aroden into the fountain, Gundar into pouring his whiskey in the fountain, and Aranox sacrificing his mouth harp. They waited for a change and saw nothing, turning their hopes to the room with the floating water tunnel. They headed to that room and tried swimming through that passage, only to find themselves back in the fountain…except for Gundar and Aranox, who found themselves trapped due to Gundars new found weight. A couple trips back and forth to the fountain room and some frustration later, they got Gundar in the ceiling puddle. They attached a rope to him and Shae swam up through the fountain, only to find the rope bundled next to her. She, Robert, and Decain pulled the rope and Gundar magically appeared in the fountain, as Jariff wept over his lost symbol in the corner. Growing tired of waiting, the group decided to head for the dragon down below. Jariff, in true style, ran ahead and jumped down the pit into the water and began swimming to the dragon while the rest of the group lowered themselves down with ropes. Swimming down, Aranox found a plug in the floor and emptied the water from the room. As the water drained, two creatures, who appeared to be a mixture of angels and anacondas, rose from the last puddles of water. As Jariff was reaching the dragon and just touching it, one of the serpents flew to him and delivered a bite into his shoulder. Blows then came to the other serpent from Aranox, Gundar, Shae, and Robert followed by Decain sending rays of flame into both serpents. The angered serpent quickly wrapped himself around Decain in an attempt to detain him. To Decains horror, the party kept attacking the serpent that held him until he squeezed himself out. Robert took a minute to survey the situation and determined the beasts to be of celestial origin, prompting Decain to appeal to the beasts. He tried explaining the groups intentions, but the serpents only replied with cryptic remarks about how the groups actions would bring chaos to the world, how the artifact was meant for the gods only, and the death of the son of Azhi Dahaki. Growing impatient, Aranox began taunting the serpent and found himself bitten by his opponent. Aranox retaliated by trying to throw an axe at the serpent, only to find himself interrupted and pushed down by Jariff. Angered, Aranox throws a fist into Jariffs, who went down to his knees to pray after interrupting Aranox, face, knocking him out cold. All the while Shae has been sneaking around the room to the baby dragon and petting it. She finds a passage behind the altar and just waits for her opportunity to open it. Robert affords her the opportunity when he deftly fires an arrow just past the head of the serpent standing guard near the dragon and barely misses the dragon itself. The serpent rushes to Robert and constricts him while Shae makes her way into the passage to find herself drooling over a horde of gold and treasure that includes all the items the party offered to the fountain. She fills her pockets with gold. The battle continues in the room and Aranox is put to sleep by a poisoned bite. Decain and Robert deal out rays of flame and well placed arrows to finally fell their opponents and the whole group rushes to the horde Shae has found. They collect their items, gold, masks, and weapons and try to figure out what to do with the baby dragon. Decain sensed the magic of the room and discovered that the dragon had a stone in his neck that was extremely magical. The group tried their hardest to figure out a way to get the dragon to throw up the gem but Decain eventually discovered it was in his neck, not his throat, and the group decided to take the dragon with them and see what Gaia and the monks at The Arch of Aroden think of it.


geoff_diederich geoff_diederich

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