The Temple of the Rising Tide II

After a brief respite to catch their breaths, following Gundar’s outburst of rage, the group decide to scout out the north west passage way from the fountain room, which heads upwards. Robert deftly climbed the moss covered slope, while Jariff attempted to follow, and heard the sound of, what he believed to be, the fish-men. He shouted the information to the rest of the group, possibly alerting the creatures, and heard them approaching. A quick slide down the slope to hide seemed to abate the danger. Thus, the group decided to head southeast and downward, taking another pleasant swim before entering a chamber with a pool that headed down and appeared to be full of some nasty mer-mutants. The group tossed in some of their rations to appease the beasts, who maniacally fought over the food and left no scraps. Soon the mer-men were at the surface, clambering for another taste of meat. Their clambering proved fruitless, however, and they returned to the depths of their home. In an attempt to thwart the aquatic savages, Decain used his power to send a powerful blast of electricity through the water, narrowly avoiding a shock to himself in the process. This proved to severely agitate the beasts, and the group decided another route was necessary. A plan was hatched to draw the monsters out of the water and lasso them, to gain the home field advantage in the battle. Shae, using her newfound knack for illusions, sent the image of a human down into the depths as bait, only to bring it rushing back to the surface. The mer-men lept from the water, attempting to snatch a delicious morsel, as Robert let fly a lasso. Unfortunately, the lasso missed both monsters but, as they pulled to return it, the monsters instinct kicked in and it grabbed the lasso, giving the group the opportunity to pull it onto land and mercilessly beat it. Twas Shae, in the end, who felled the beast, relieving it of the terrible burden a heads weight can put on the shoulders. Robert surmised that there were at least three beasts left, and the group was left to find another way to lure them out of the water. thus, a new plan was hatched, whereby the head of the dead mer-man would be tied in the lasso and used for bait. The remaining mer-men harpooned the head and took it down to the floor of the pool to perform last rites for their departed companion. It was then that Gundar lost his patience for luring and scheming and decided to take matters into his own hands. He urinated, profoundly, into the pool to anger the beasts. It worked. He found himself staring eye-to-eye with one of them and before he knew what had happened, he had a harpoon planted firmly in his right buttock and was being pulled under. Jariff and Aranox quickly jumped in after Gundar, only for Aranox to realize that he was wearing plate armor and sinking fast. His quick thinking allowed him to pull the harpoon from Gundar and swing with all his might for the beast holding the other end of the rope but he tried too much and, in the end, only ended up slaying the top half of Gundars left ear. He swiftly sank to the bottom of the pool. Now freed, Gundar and Jariff swam to the surface and got on dry land as Robert decorated the mer-man with the fine feathers adorning his arrows. The beasts then blasted up out of the water, and again harpooned Gundar. He was pulled under again. With Jariff following again. A swift combo from Jariff left one of the remaining monsters with a broken neck, and Robert put a last arrow in another while Shae pulled Gundar from the water. All that was left was the last merman, attacking Aranox on the floor of the pool. They battled hard under the water, as Aranox stabbed over and over with the harpoon. In the end it was Gundar, who sent a specter sword through the through of the fish from the safety of the chamber above, who finished the fight while Aranox found another of the mysterious plugs. He found it emptied the room and used it to lower his friends down, and lift them back up the other side of the tunnel. There they found a chamber that had another pool floating seemingly upward. deacon recognized the celestial writing on the wall that read “The water flows to the lowest point”. They hoisted themselves up into the floating pool and swam to see where it lead, only to find themselves sitting in the magic fountain that drove Gundar berserk. Now, however, the water level in the long vertical pool was lower. Jariff went to investigate only to find a tiny blue dragon sleeping under the water. He returned to the surface to report the news. The group then explored another tunnel system which seemed to lead Jariff and Aranox back to the room with the floating pool and then, finally, back to room with the fountain, where the whole group reconvened. Decain decided to try the water in the fountain once more, and found himself imbued with extra confidence. After seeing this, the entire group gave gold to the fountain in the hopes that they, too, would reap its reward. She drank and found herself feeling strong and powerful against the aquatic beasts they had been running in to. The rest of the group decided to rest in the room and decide what to do about the dragon on the morrow.


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