The Temple of the Rising Tide

After a strange, lucid, flashback brought on by the touch of the Chaos Beast, the party realizes that the missing piece of the Shield of Aroden must still exist and they might know its location if they ever chance to see it again. They returned to the ship, not quite feeling themselves, and decided to set off back toward The Great Inner Sea, having deemed passage through The Arch of Aroden too dangerous in the ship. During their sailing, Robert and Jariff got to discussing some of the unusual features of the sea and their relation to the impact point of The Star Stone. They come to realize that an archipelago was thrust up when the great comet hit the ground, and that geographers believed them to be right above the deepest waters on the planet. Consulting the magic compass they had found in their earlier adventures, they found the island of the archipelago that was farthest into the water and noticed a queer waterfall coming from the top of a mountain. They ventured up through the jungles of the island for three days to find the mouth of a cave which happened to be the waterfalls source. Inside they found strange behavior, as some water flowed uphill and gave off an odd blue glow, but in examining, and even tasting, the water, they found all to be normal. A ways inside the cave they stumbled upon a small civilization of fish people who used tools, but spoke no language the group could discern. They used their wits and came before the fish-men in a magical procession, to which the fish-men dropped to their hands and knees and worshipped the apparent god-kings. All was not so simple, though, as they soon found the fish-mens high priest and he did not seem to like the idea of being replaced. Jariff smashed his head into a mirror, verily, only to receive a nearly fatal strike from an electrically crackling staff, while Decains ray of frost froze the fish man and his guard long enough for the group to dispatch them. Gundar spent the time barring the door, as seemingly mindless fish-men tried to enter to investigate the sounds. Once relieved of the burdens of the fish-priest, the victors took their spoils. Gold, platinum, silver, and copper were shared, as well as a pair of bone earrings and a tattered pair of leather gloves. But the joy of riches was soon squashed by the impending invasion through the door that Gundar could not hold forever. Aranox and Jariff used the large stone bed in the chamber to block the door and the group looked for a way out. A waterfall in the back of the room proved to be a good solution, as the group discovered a passageway leading down to a pool and an apparently magic plug that emptied it. From there, the group split ways, with Aranox and Gundar investigating a pool that went hundreds of feet straight down and led to something that gave off a bright glow, and Jariff investigating a room under water and hidden by a trap door. Lowering the water level again from this room, Jariff inadvertently opened a new passage in the deep pool to Gundar, who went to explore it. Jariff went to explore his own new found passage and the two ended up meeting in the same chamber around a fountain. Gundar, being a thirsty man, took a deep draught from the fountain and suddenly went berserk, attacking Jariff. The rest of the party lowered themselves down the path Jariff took to find the two fighting. Decain recognized the celestial writing on the fountain, spelling out “The penitent man gives his worldly possessions to the gods/The water flows to the source/Where does the wealth go?” while Gundar snapped out of his rage. The group now has a choice to make. There are four passageways out of the chamber, two they know, and two they don’t.


geoff_diederich geoff_diederich

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