The thief calls dibs


Shae is a half-elf rogue. Quite tall for a woman, she is slight of frame, has blonde hair and violet eyes, and tan/medium toned skin.

She prefers to dual wield two short swords, although will switch to a single weapon or a short sword and dagger if the situation calls for it. She normally wears dark brown leather armor.

Her loyalty is to her friends and crew ONLY. She doesn’t feel she owes anything to anyone else, and is driven only by her own motivations, desires and, sense of right/wrong. Rules are only made to benefit those who make them. Nothing is absolute.

Upon entering a new location, she will subconsciously make mental notes of locations of valuables, sizing them up “just in case.” She regularly battles thoughts of kleptomania and is frequently tempted to take things just because she can, not necessarily because she wants or needs them. She has no remorse for stealing if an item is needed in the here and now. Municipalities, merchants, and nobility (even good ones) are free game. She avoids taking anything from the poor or needy, unless the situation is dire, in which case she will try to make amends later down the road.

Shae is always planning contingencies and alternate routes, ideas, and “what ifs” in case whatever harebrained scheme the group has thrown together should fail. You never know when you might have to pick up and run.

Shae is motivated by desires of success, fame, and retribution, which stem from a rough childhood of servitude, abuse, neglect, and loss. She feels her childhood, right to basic necessities and education, and elven heritage were stolen from her. The world, her human family, and the powers that be owe her something for that.


She is a bastard, an only child to a human mother (named Carleygn) who comes from an upper middle class merchant family (Forsword). Her mom ran off in her youth but came back a year later pregnant. Her father agreed to shelter and take care of them, but only under serious conditions: forsake her ties to the family and any inheritance and live a life of quiet servitude. She doesn’t know who her father is or where he comes from, but often wondered about him and fantasized about running away to find him when she was younger. No details of his existence, whereabouts, or appearance were ever allowed to slip, although she suspects she must take after him in appearance as she is much taller, striking, and more elven colored than any of her human family.

The family does small time dealings the in trade of exotic materials like spices, fragrances, or components. Her uncle Jarrick (mother’s younger brother, favored child) is primed to take over the family business and all its fortune when her elderly grandfather Edgarth dies. Since her uncle’s involvement, the business has begun dabbling in trade of weaponry and slaves, nearly tripling their profits and fortune holdings.

The family became unkind and abusive toward her, as she is a living symbol of shame and failure to adhere to rules and tradition. Pushed and bullied around, she was often locked her in her room to keep her out of sight, which she learned to pick at an early age. She was kept poor (used, tattered clothes, meager meals, no formal schooling, etc.) while being forced to watch her human cousins and relatives live comfortable easy lifestyles. Her mother recently died from a sudden but treatable illness, treatment for which her grandfather and uncle refused to help pay for.

Before her uncle cleaned out her mother’s room and belongings, Shae found a trinket she’d never seen before hidden in a drawer and wrapped in a piece of fabric: a small brass orb etched in strange runes and symbols, the hemispheres of which can be rotated in many different directions. She keeps this trinket hidden away in a pocket on her person. She likes to imagine the orb was a gift from her mysterious elven father to her mother and that its the only tie she has to her true heritage. Before leaving Westcrown with the crew, she made one last pit stop home and “acquired” her most prized possession: her grandfather’s family heirloom shortsword, made and engraved with the finest metals and alloys, with a jeweled decorated hilt.

She has a serious chip on her shoulder where her and her mothers treatment by her family is concerned. She is motivated by revenge and a desire to ruin the family business and/or put events into motion that would allow her to somehow steal the fortune and business profits for herself. Either way, she’d love nothing more than to achieve fame, wealth, and notoriety, watch her family suffer and become destitute, and then one day rub it in their faces and refuse to help them. As an adventurer, this is why she flips her shit if she feels that someone is getting in the way of something she feels she’s earned or should have first dibs on. Shae is also interested in finding out more of her mysterious elven background, although it is less of a priority. For so long she’s assumed it to be so far out of reach that it’s pointless to even try.


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