Your jovial lush of a dwarven cleric.


Several years ago, Gundar was happy. Thanks to financing from his wife’ Agatha’s parents, He had finally achieved his dream of operating his own micro Brewery/Distillery, specializing in dwarven ales and whiskey. Through hard work and long hours, they were actually turning a profit! However, things are not always as good as they seem. It appears that his wife had had begun to hate the chaotic city living and had grewn to resent the long hours the Gundar worked (okay, fine, his excessive drinking may have had something to do with it too). Two years after ’Gundar’s Dwarven Ale and Spirit House’ opened, She left him. In the insuring divorce, Gundar lost the business (he had had reservations about letting his inlaws pay for their start up costs, but his wife had assured him that it would be alright. Ha!). Gundar fell into a depression, and turned to his old friend alcohol, who had never let him down.

Gundar is not sure how long his bender lasted, (weeks, months, years?) but the next clear memory he has is the good god Cayden Cailean visiting him. Cayden had seen in Gundar a kindred spirit with a lost soul. Cayden told Gundar that he had tasted of his ales and spirits, and while Gundars talents in that area were considerable, Cayden had another purpose that he needed Gundar for. As they drank together, Cayden told Gundar of the death of Aroden, and the growing evil in this world. They talked of the importance of Good and Freedom and the need for a champion of these ideals. Gundar promised his hammer to Cayden, which the god blessed, and the two of them cheersed to the future, at which point Cayden Cailean produced a bottle labeled with mysterious writing and filled with a golden liquid, and pored it generously into Gundar’s tankard. The liquid tasted of heaven and alcohol, and filled Gundar with a magical warmth and a sense of purpose that he had not felt for a long time.

When Gundar awoke the next morning, miraculously hangover free, Cayden Cailen was gone. Gundar asked the patron where his friend had gone, but the patron said the stranger had left as quietly as he had came, leaving behind only the mysterious empty bottle. Gundar then knew what he must do. He gathered up all the remaining money (that he hadn’t drank away) from the buyout of his brewery/distillery and sold the rest of his possessions save for his brewers mini- still, hammer, and tankard. He purchased a set of armor, vestments, and a travelers kit, then set off. He knew not where he was headed, just that he needed to travel, and that the good lord Cayden Cailean would guide his way.


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