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Decain is a halfing sorcerer. He is of average height and weight for a halfling, though being 3 feet tall does have its disadvantages. He has reddish-blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. His skin that shows is fairly tan from his adventuring, but the skin that he his clothing hides is covered with scars from his days as a slave.

He is very good with words when he uses them, however he does not talk much. This stems from his days as being a mouthpiece for his former master. He chooses his words carefully because he relishes being able use his words for his own purposes and wishes to only use the exact right words.

He tends to stay in the back as he is not very strong and is afraid of direct contact. He will provide long distance damage along with Robert. He chooses his battles though. If he is ever outnumbered he will run. He will also never harm anyone he deems innocent. He made this pact when he killed his master by accident. This leads to him having rather a lot of issues with the group he is traveling with and he will at times sit out of a battle that his party begins.

He gets along with most of the group. He deems Jariff and Robert to be the most agreeable, even if Jariff can be insufferable with his constant babbling about Aroden. Gundar he likes well enough, but finds that his morals are too flexible. Shae he likes well enough but cannot stand her kleptomania. Aranox is the one member of the group that Decain cannot stand. He views Aranox as a unfeeling, insufferable, murderous ass. It is close to the point where he isn’t sure if Aranox is evil or not.


Strength: 8
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 11
Charisma: 16


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