The World Opens Up

The group left the cave and started the trek back to Kantaria. There they found a pit had opened and swallowed most of the town and a sizable chunk of the Barrow Wood as well. The pit was deep with some odd blue and black fluid making currents in the bottom that made no splashes when stones were thrown in. The innkeeper informed them that some of the wood elves had also jumped in, thinking it was some passage to heaven. Dalamir and Decain both felt the great power of whatever it was and postulated that it could be The Weave, the fabled source of magical power. They decided to head to the boat to find it untouched, but unable to move as the pit opening had cut off one of the water supplies to the river and eradicated the river in another spot. The group gathered their things and their remaining followers and headed down the road toward the town of Dekaram, to try and regroup. Upon arriving, the group starting buying supplies and learned that the captive they had set free came through in a rush on his way to Westcrown. Fearing he might be going to inform the government of their doings, they “gathered” some horses and fled south, trying to close the two week gap between his departure and their own. Upon reaching the fork in the main road near Westcrown and Belde, they met another group of travelers who informed them that their target had most likely already reached the city, and that another pit had opened in Belde. Defeated, they turned west to investigate this new pit. There they found hell knights stationed, but were not hassled, and they found Gaia’s cult, The Sancte. They spoke with Gaia, who seemed to have no knowledge of the dragons, but presumed they were dangerous and that, while their adventures were likely the cause of all the unrest in the world, that the pits opening was good and that the fluid inside was some form of The Weave, cast in the light of her own beliefs. During these discussions, Gundar and Aranox went to a tavern and proceeded to get smashed. Gundar accidentally let slip that he was with a necromancer, and soon an angry mob had formed to kill Dalamir. Some confusion came up, though, and many suspects, including a Sancta and Decain, were both accused before Gundar calmed the mob. Fearing they had overstayed their welcome in yet another village, the group departed for Corentyn where they “bought" another boat to continue their quest. This time their goal is the Eye of Aroden, a massive hurricane, where they believe the wind stone might be located.


geoff_diederich geoff_diederich

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