Egorian Nights

The group finds themselves approaching Egorian from the south by boat, unsure of what to do. They decide to dock the boat at the nearest harbor inside the city and replenish their stocks. Immediately upon docking, they are confronted with a city guard who they quickly bribe for docking fees and for him to stop asking questions. From there the group splits up with Jariff and Robert going to pick flowers and the rest of the group going shopping. On the docks, Shae feels a tug at her side and catches a small child trying to pilfer her coin purse. She talks the boy into watching over their ship for some coin and takes his map of the city, promising to return it upon their departure. The map has several interesting features, like people who will buy stolen goods and the location of an odd monastery in the city. The group reconvenes and tries to find this monastery to hopefully get some answers about the dragon. They find a reclusive man, Banure, who refuses to speak to them until Jariff nearly kicks Shae through the door. After a bit of discussion, the party finds out that this man and his order, The Yam Nahar, believe that dragons are the only true gods and that they created the earth and brought peace to it. They also believe that Aroden silenced the Dragons and brought war to the earth. Jariff lets slip that they have a dragon and Banure demands to see it, but also gives them a sacred document written in a foreign language that looks like it describes dragons. Eventually they take him to the boat to see the dragon, being stopped along the way by guards because there is apparently a bounty on them, and he is over joyed. He implores them to keep the dragon safe in Egorian. Meanwhile, the group has been deciding how to get further north, because a bridge blocks the path, and they decide that getting a new boat that is already north of the bridge would be the most prudent thing. After switching the crew and supplies to the new boat, Decain, Shae, Aranox, and Gundar go out on the town. During this time, a man named Trajen Sinden visits the ship and demands that Banure give him the document, as it was written by his ancestor and is a family heirloom. Trajen is a researcher of ancient and mythical beasts, like most of the men in his bloodline, and wants the book that the page came from to be complete so he can translate it. When Banure refuses, Trajen fires an arrow at him. Jariff deflects the arrow and gets them to talk calmly. Tempers rise when Trajen learns of their dragon, and shares his intention to kill it, and Jariff eventually has to put Banure in a sleeper hold until he passes out. At this point the rest of the party reconvenes and they decide what to do. They drag Banures body back to his home and give the document to Trajen, who leaves. The party goes to sleep with plans to leave in the morning. When they wake, an army of hell knights with a demonic ape are aboard the ship, looking to arrest them. A feverish battle ensues, with killer faeries, lighting blasts, arrows, blades, and blows flying. Jariff almost loses himself to the water, while Shae takes the ape down with a sword through his throat. The knights are dispatched and the heroes set sail to the north, asking themselves “are we the villains in our story?”.


geoff_diederich geoff_diederich

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