Attack on Kantaria

After fleeing Egorian, the group heads north follows the compass north. After some debate on whether or not they should turn back to the south and head to Gaia, they head up the Sedna river, through the Barrowood, toward Kantaria and the the mountains. Decain recalls tales he’s heard of the Barrowood, a place he’s longed to be his whole life. He informs the group that the Barrowood is the largest forest in Cheliax, and has no structured civilization within its bounds. The wood is not empty, however, and he continues by telling his compatriots that it is a refuge for those trying to live outside of society and is full of clans of druids, bands of thieves, and runaway slaves trying to live out their freedom. They spend some time trying to decide where they should leave the boat, as they know the river will not support it forever, and decide that a wood full of thieves is not the best spot. Instead, they go a bit farther north and moor the boat as far north as the river will hold them, where two smaller rivers meet to make the large Sedna, about a mile east of the town of Kantaria. Decain is also familiar with the sound of its name and informs the group that it is a town for ultra wealthy families and a few taverns and inns for the traveling merchants, bards, and prostitutes that work there or pass through. The crew begins to prepare for anchoring the ship and building a camp, when Fiosa pulls Decain aside to ask where they are. When Decain informs her that they are very near the Barrowood, many of the crew decide that, although they are extremely grateful to the group, they would prefer a life of their own in the wood and the group agrees that they may leave. Fiosa would like that too, but she has something she desires more. She asks Decain to come with her and live in the wood. When Decain decides that he would rather continue his quest, she asks to stay with him and be with him and he agrees. At this point the boat is anchored, protective spells are cast, and the camp is set, Robert and Jariff are attempting to arm and train the remaining crew in combat and the rest of the group head toward Kantaria. About halfway there, they realize that the lake in the center of town is attacking the village and people are just beginning to flee. This leads Aranox to thinking that, although they always see the water attacking and violently thrashing while sailing, they never get attacked by it. They spend a minute to think about the implications of this while watching what’s going on in the town, does the dragon bring the violent waters or calm them? They feel that it must be connected. Before they can fully form their thoughts, however, the town is charged by a large band of people from the nearby wood, strange looking people with the features of wood elves and the stature of halflings. Shae and Aranox decide this is a perfect opportunity to find some loot. They break in to a nearby mansion and steal gold, tapestries, statues, and jewelry and hide them outside and in Gundars keg. In the meantime, Robert and Jariff hear the commotion and come rushing. They meet up with Decain and decide to help any people that might be stuck in the last mansion in the middle of the lake. As they are approaching it, one of the wood people runs out a full speed, carrying something wrapped in his cloak. Jariff snares him with his arm and he and Robert pry the item await find it is a small wooden orb covered in runes that has rotatable hemispheres. The capture of their friend draw the attention of the rest of the band of thieves and soon enough the three “heroes” have 50 men with weapons drawn at them. They demand the item back and are about to receive it when Shae comes pushing through the crowd and realizes what it is they have found. It looks strikingly similar to something she has seen before. The tense standoff is ended when Aranox decides he has had enough and smacks one of the men, killing him. The rest of the band fire their arrows and run, leaving the party bloodied but in possession of the orb. They then head to the mansion the orb was stolen from for answers. A man has been on the balcony hurling insults and demanding his item back. Shae confronts him from outside, insisting that she has a rightful claim to it, only to be told that he is of the family Forsword, Shaes own blood. Shae does not recognize the man, and he does not seem to recognize her either. She tells her claim that she is a Forsword and that it belongs to her, as the one she got from her mother did, to which he scoffs and informs her that it was purchased fairly from an auction many years ago. At some point he calls Aranox a monster, and Aranox responds by running in to the house and choke holding him over the balcony. The rest of the party rushes to help and Aranox releases the man as his young daughters arrive, horrified. Jariff talks them out of looting the Forsword house and the party rushes back to the ship to examine their new object. The violent lake unfortunately grabs hold of Gundar and Aranox and pulls them in, as Jariff dives in to help and Shae throws a rope to them. Robert decides to run to the ship and grab the dragon, in hopes it will rescue them, only to find that the wood men have entered their camp and are holding their crew hostage until they receive the orb. Robert rushes back with a few of them to make a deal. In this time, everyone has gotten themselves out of the water and are running back to the ship when one of the residents seizes Decain, believing him a looter, and starts rifling through his bag. He finds the leather gloves that Decain took in the water dungeon and is shocked. He informs the group that they were magical gloves of swimming and climbing that once belonged to a great Varisian king of the long dead Basladuur line, he himself is a Bastur, and offshoot of that family line and dependent of the great king. He reads the inside of the gloves, which identify them and happen to be written in the same language as the page from Trajens book. He agrees to translate the page for them in return for the gloves. The page roughly reads "The Wyrms of old world rain havoc and destruction from the sky. No calamity could be worse their reawakening will surely herald the end of days only God could ok…”. The party head back to their camp, and part with the orb, under the condition that they be able to return to it if they should learn how to open it. They then decide to try and see if the Tavern is abandoned to get a nights sleep. The inn keep is still there but has rooms, food, and ale enough for them all. We leave the party as they sit down to eat, eager to question the inn keep about the surrounding areas.


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